Modern Governance for Data & Analytics — Tableau

DataFactZ worked with leading brands to implement effective Tableau Data Governance — the key to solving most significant data challenges faster than they thought possible:

1 min readOct 27, 2022

> Ongoing data quality issues
> Challenges with cataloging and mapping data to source correctly
> Ownership issues with certifying and publishing workbooks
> Redundant data and information silos
> The right data for the right users
> Accountability & traceability for data owners
> Issues following metadata management best practices

The slow rate of adoption for self-service analytics is often a lack-of-data-governance problem.

DataFactZ helped enterprises accelerate adoption in 3 simple steps by implementing strong data governance principles:

> Build trust with data governance to help standardize data ingestion

> Eliminate data silos with a federated environment

> Empower users with self-service analytics at scale

Regardless of delivery model, DataFactZ can empower enterprises by:

  • Defining and standardizing data across all source systems
  • Data preparation using Tableau data prep
  • Data management using Tableau Data Management
  • Data validation and promotion framework
  • Content Management to provide certified datasets
  • Built-in and custom monitoring to access platform performance and usability

See our detailed Data Governance Framework




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